Happy trails to you, particularly around Hunterdon County, one author says

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Hiking NJ Trails – Hunterdon County and Beyond.

5.0 out of 5 stars The SEQUEL Is Somehow Better Than The First! November 29, 2012
By Matthew Howard Gooley

... A sequel to a hiking book? YES! Could it possibly be as good as the first? YES - ACTUALLY BETTER THAN THE FIRST! Alice Oldford does it again - combining interesting history lessons and detailed instructions on how to find trails, what to wear, what age group it is appropriate for, and many other details, "HIKING NJ Trails - Hunterdon County & Beyond: You Can Get There From Here Too" is THE PERFECT Guide Book for hikers and naturalists alike. With more history and personal anecdotes than the first, the book not only serves its purpose to carefully get you to where you want to go, but entertains and informs. It is the most interesting guide book that I have ever read!


5.0 out of 5 stars So much to discover! November 23, 2012
By Kimberly Borin

Alice Oldford's second book reminds us that there is so much more to discover in New Jersey! Alice's book offers us simple descriptions of the trails in Hunterdon County and beyond. She gives information for hikers and their families, helping them to choose just the right path, given their time, expertise and children's ages. The book is a delight, and you can hear Alice's enthusiasm for the beautiful trails as you read her book. Another bonus is that it will fit perfectly in your backpack! This is the perfect gift for the holidays!


You Can Get There from Here – Hiking Hunterdon County Trails

A very thorough MUST HAVE for anyone wanting a New Jersey Adventure!, October 18, 2009
By Matthew Howard Gooley, Explorer and Adventurer (New Jersey)

Not far from the traffic and congestion of New York City and Philadelphia is Hunterdon County, a hidden gem in Northwest New Jersey. Characterized by rolling hills and mountains, corn fields and dairy farms, and beautiful rivers, Hunterdon County is the perfect place to spend an afternoon or a lifetime of hiking, fishing, and exploring. As the title implies, Alice Oldford and Sue Dziamara help you "...Get There From Here..." by giving detailed directions to some of the most exciting and scenic parks and trails that Hunterdon County has to offer. In "You Can Get There From Here," you will learn some of the origins and history of the areas that you will be wanting to visit over and over. Detailed photos by Jim Graham allow you to preview what to expect when visiting the many locations described in the book. For ease of navigation, the authors have organized the sites by local municipality. This is a book that does not belong on your bookshelf - It belongs in your car! Wherever you are from, you should visit New Jersey's well preserved open space in Hunterdon County and before you arrive pick up a copy of Alice Oldford and Sue Dziamara's wonderful book "You Can Get There From Here: Hiking Hunterdon County Trails."


This is a Five Star for Sure!
October 22, 2009
By Scarlett Doyle (Readington, NJ)

Not only is this interesting reading, but it's perfect for the aspiring and avid outdoors folks. It gives guidance for those challenging Hunterdon trails; but it suits me because it directs me to the trails I enjoy . . . just amble-along trails. I keep it in my glove compartment so I have it for day outings. This is truly a great resource and would be a treasured gift.


Get out and enjoy these hikes!
November 11, 2010
By Goatwell Farms
Well written and easy to carry ,YOU CAN GET THERE FROM HERE,is great for beginner hikers as well as the experienced hiker. This book is a GREAT housewarming gift.
It will truly inspire an individual to discover and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Hunterdon County. So turn off the TV and get out and hike Hunterdon!